Communities of Romanians in Australia, France and Germany have been protesting against the Parliament decision to suspend President Traian Basescu last week. After protests in Hamburg on Monday, another meeting is planned to take place in Paris next Sunday, according to a website of Romanians in France,

Meanwhile, the Romanian-language publication in Australia, Spirit Romanesc, protests against what it calls the subordination of the Romanian Parliament to various groups of interests.

The Romanian community in Paris will organize the Sunday protest on the Trocadero Esplanade. It has received the approval of Paris authorities.

And the Spirit Romanesc newspaper in Australia writes in a blasting article today that “all parliamentarians who voted for the suspension of President Basescu, in an abusive manner and contrary to recommendations of the Constitutional Court, which said clearly that the President had not breached the Constitution, are directly responsible for passing control of fundamental institutions in

Romania - the Presidency and the Parliament - to the interests of individuals whose criminal cases have been blocked by their party’s accession to power.

"The party is responsible for the generalized corruption that has engulfed Romania”, the paper writes.