The purpose of Romanian President Traian Basescu’s suspension was to bring back control over the justice system to the Romanian Government and interest groups aiming to dispose of any form of control over frauds with public money, according to an extremely harsh article published by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Monday.

It writes that what Romanians like most about suspended President Traian Basescu is that he tells things by their name and does not obey the rules of silence.

According to FAZ, Basescu’s self-confidence is his biggest enemy as he often speaks faster before thinking and sacrifices strategic plans for momentary advantages.

But according to FAZ Basescu was suspended rather for his accomplishments in terms of forcing through a state of law than his weaknesses.

And the paper refers to former agents of the Securitate, ex-dictator Ceausescu’s political police, who now hold the management of various companies, run media outlets and even own political parties.