Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu held a public speech at 20.00h, asking people to restrain from public demonstrations and calling people to have faith in the Government.

Tariceanu also claims to have won the confidence of European Commission president, Jose Manuel Barosso.

“It is for the first time a president is suspended in Romania, only four months after our accession to the European Union, when all our energies should have gathered for a successful integration. Still, for the past two years, the political stage was divided.

The Government and the Parliament have the duty to solve the current political problems.

It is my firm belief that Romanians are more preoccupied with the way things will be tomorrow, with the infrastructure and the health care system, rather than political quarrels.

I assume entirely the governing, for the future period (...).

I discussed with Jose Manuel Barosso and the European officials are certain that we are able to surpass this moment. I assured him that Romania is still firmly dedicated to the European values and will follow the path it assumed.

I appeal to all citizens: it must be clear that street movements will not solve anything. The solutions will come and the Government will make sure of it”, said Tariceanu.