Romanian Senate speaker Nicolae Vacaroiu announced on Tuesday that the Parliament will vote most probably on Thursday on whether to launch suspension procedure against President Traian Basescu. Vacaroiu said he was informed by the President that he cancelled his visit to Macedonia, scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

The permanent boards of the two chambers of the Romanian Parliament are due to meet on Wednesday morning to discuss the issue.

The decision was made after the Constitutional Court published its verdict on the findings of a parliamentary commission that accused President Basescu of having breached the Constitution on many accounts since he was named in office more than two years ago.

The Constitutional Court did not find that according to the commission findings the head of state did indeed breach the fundamental law of the country, according to the arguments of the Court, obtained by

A previous announcement of the Court had suggested that the President has breached the Constitution, but not in a serious manner. The explanation today suggests the data delivered by the parliamentary commission that issued the charges against him do not support the charges, so it can be said the President did not breach the Constitution at all.