A joint parliamentary session scheduled Tuesday afternoon to discuss possible moves to suspend Romanian President Traian Basescu was postponed after the Constitutional Court failed to deliver its approval for the suspension procedure. The session was due to set a date for debates on a parliamentary commission that investigated alleged breaches of the Romanian Constitution by the President.

On April 5, the Constitutional Court decided the report by the named commission spoke of acts and deeds against the letter of the Constitution, but that cannot be qualified as serious breaches to the fundamental law in a measure that would determine the suspension of the head of state.

Still, the Court approval is not compulsory and the Parliament will have the last say on establishing how serious the head of state disobeyed the Constitution.

The situation comes as most parliamentary parties have engaged an open war with the President on a large series of issues that culminated with a reshuffle of the Government last week. The new government does no longer include the Democratic Party, a key supporter of Basescu.

Senate speaker Nicolae Vacaroiu said last week that the debate may eventually take place on April 16.

The postponement marks a tense political week now that the Easter holiday is over. The Democratic Party leadership is also expected to meet on Wednesday to stamp the dissolution of their D.A. Alliance with the National Liberal Party (PNL). The PNL-majority Government starts work in its new form on Tuesday, with its first session expected on Wednesday.