A report on Romanian immigrants sleeping in London's Hyde Park stirred a conflict between the Romanian embassy in UK and BBC. According to the embassy official statements, the journalists knowingly used false information when they presented Romanians sleeping in a tent camp in Hyde Park.

The report claims that Romanians sleep in the park and litter it.

Sorin Boaciu, an official in Romania's Embassy in London, declared for Hotnews.ro that the institution's discontent was caused by a Romanian, presented as "inhabitant of the park", although it was known that the person had an address.

Another official, Raduta Matache, declared for "The Times" that he will ask for a meeting with Mark Thompson, BBC general manager, considering that the report was "fabricated news".

"It is obviously a falsified piece of reporting. BBC has the right to examine the way Romanians are affected by the restrictions imposed by London, but doesn't have a right to broadcast false information.

We have a witness willing to testify that the entire report was framed", said Raduta Matache for The Times.

First, BBC denied all accusations and refused to admit that a Romanian was paid to install his tent in Hyde Park.

On Wednesday night, BBC admitted they paid the 23 year old Romanian, although he admitted he hasn't been sleeping in Hyde Park for a long while.

Even more, The Royal Parks, Hyde Park manager, mentioned that highly improbable for a camp to exist in the park.

Romanian officials in London say the security is ensured by an entire police station, with 20 cars patrolling the area around the clock.

Watch here the outrageous report