Tensions on the Romanian political stage have sent a signal that may force foreign businessmen to question opportunities to invest in the country, US Ambassador to Bucharest Nicholas Taubman said at an event organized by the AmCham Romania chamber of commerce. It is the first time when Taubman makes a tough public stand on Romanian politics since he took over the job in Bucharest.

But Taubman accompanied his comments with a note on the fast pace of economic growth reported by Romania over the past seven years. He said that the lobby in favor of Romania determined companies such as the Starbucks chain to enter the local market.

According to a US Embassy press release received by HotNews.ro, the Ambassador said that now that Romania has become a member of the European Union expectations are high in everybody’s mind. But what is for sure is that Romania has to report progress in key fields such as the reform of the Justice system and the fight against corruption.

And Taubman urged a quick solution to the domestic political conflict in Bucharest so that the Government be able to focus on managing the country.

He said he was pushing for US firms to develop businesses in Romania. In this regard, he mentioned Microsoft - which opened a European assistance center in Bucharest -, the Delta air company and the Starbucks chain.