Road rehabilitation works in the historical center of Bucharest have stuck some three months after initiation as experts are trying to solve an unexpected issue: digs revealed an old road that connected a former seat of local leaders to a nearby inn as well as other remains of centuries-old items.

The road works are part of a major plan launched by Bucharest officials to partially redraw the landscape of old Bucharest, a city that has been drastically changed under communism.

Digs revealed archeological items dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. Should other, older objects be discovered, the site may be isolated by a glass courtain to protect the findings until a solution is found.

Bucharest Museum chief archeologist Gheorghe Adamesteanu has said that unless such older objects are found, the archeological side may be temporarily be covered in sand.

But the issue poses a major issue to architects overviewing the rehabilitation works as they are pressed by both archeologists and by Bucharest mayor Adriean Videanu, who’s pushing for works to be concluded as soon as possible.

The historical center of Bucharest was declared a national interest objective in 2001.