The Royal Family of Romania becomes the official owner of the Peles and Pelisor Castles and their properties based on a memorandum the Romanian Government and a Royal House representative signed on Tuesday. A Culture Ministry retrocession decision had been announced for Sinaia-based Peles, seen as one of the most beautiful castles in Romania, on March 1.

Government secretary general Radu Stroe and Royal House representative Andrew Popper signed the retrocession today, almost three weeks after Culture minister Adrian Iorgulescu first announced a decision in this regard.

The Peles Castle, owned by royals until King Michael was deposed shortly after WWII, is based in Sinaia, one of Romania’s best known resorts in the Carpathian Mountains.

The Royal House and the Romanian Government had already decided that once returned to their rightful owner the Peles Castle will continue to serve as a museum, while Pelisor, a smaller palace nearby, will serve as residence for the Royals and also as a museum for the next three years.

A third castle on the royal properties will be bought by the Romanian state from the King and will continue to serve as a protocol residence.