European Commission vicepresident Franco Frattini reminds the Parliament in Bucharest that it must do its job for Romanian citizens, not for Brussels. Various scenarios about the future of the Romanian Government continue to emerge while disputes over the Foreign Ministry seem to have reached a dead end. PM Tariceanu pays big money to revive his image.

Romania fears of leaving the Moldovan Republic without Romanians. And many more, in newspapers today.

Gandul publishes an extensive interview with EC vicepresident Franco Frattini who warned that Romanian legislators must pursue reforms for the Romanian society and insisted on the need for a fast introduction of a new National Integrity Agency, to keep in check the wealth of public officials as a means to prevent corruption.

Frattini, who visited Romania last weekend, reaffirmed in the interview his full support for two ministers seen as key for the continuation of justice reform and the fight against corruption - Justice minister Monica Macovei and Interior minister Vasile Blaga.

According to Cotidianul, another major message Frattini delivered to Romanian officials was the need of a smooth Criminal Code. And the paper quotes him as saying that Macovei’s role in strengthening justice reform is crucial.

Meanwhile, most newspapers focus on the various scenarios for the future of the Romanian government as a series of major clashes between its two core components - the Liberals (PNL) and the Democrats (PD) - have shaken it good.

According to Cotidianul, Romanian President Traian Basescu is about to ask opposition parties turn their informal alliance with the PNL official.

Romania libera, however, believes the head of state would ask political parties to form a government of national unity - a version supported by Ziua, who names National Bank governor Mugur Isarescu as a potential prime minister.

Still Evenimentul Zilei reports that all sorts of scenarios that have appeared over the past several days are a form of media intoxication. And the paper quotes political analyst Cristian Parvulescu who bets that the President will not push for a national union but would force a restructuring of the governing coalition.

The same evenimentul Zilei reports that Tariceanu, struggling to improve his image after serious falls in public opinion polls, has employed two US image experts who’ve been reinventing him for 1 million US dollars.

The newspaper names Arthur Finkelstein, a former consultant for US Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush as well as Israeli PMs Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon.

Elsewhere in the papers, Cotidianul quotes a Constitutional expert, ex-PNL politician Valeriu Stoica, who says ongoing crisis at the Foreign Ministry, where minister Ungureanu resigned but PM Tariceanus’ nomination is continuously rejected by the President, has entered an infinite loop due to a Constitutional flaw.

Stoica says that according to Romanian law the prime minister may insist on his nomination to no end, while the President may rejected forever.

The same newspaper reports thar Romania fears leaving the neighboring Moldovan Republic, a former part of Romania turned Soviet Republic turned independent state, without Romanian citizens.

Cotidianul quotes Interior minister Blaga who warned of a risk that should Romania approve citizenship for the masses of Moldovan applicants, the neighnoring country may be left without its strong Romanian ethnic group and dominated by ethnic Russians.