The former head of the Interior Ministry’s General Anticorruption Department-DGA accused Interior minister Vasile Blaga on Wednesday of pressing him to stop a series of investigations on the development of the ministry and affiliated institutions.

Prosecutor Marian Sintion said Blaga once called him to drop checks on the head of the the Romanian Gendarmerie and urged the Government Control Body to initiate controls on such practices at the DGA and the Interior Ministry.

Sintion statements came as his former deputy Gheorghe Manea presented his resignation on Wednesday, claiming he was the subject of intense pressure by several Ministry bosses.

Sintion said that during his stay at the helm of the DGA, a key institution dealing with widespread corruption in Romania, he worked on several corruption cases involving Interior Ministry state secretaries and other top officials, including minister Blaga’s cabinet manager.

Blaga retorted with a threat to sue Sintion unless he brought proof to support his claims.

Sintion resigned for as head of the DGA “professional reasons” on March 6.