Romania’s year-round inflation rate dropped to 3.81% from 4.01% by end of January, the latest National Statistics Institute-INS data show. In February, inflation stood at 0.04%, up from 0.02% in January. According to the INS, there was no sensible rise of prices in February, compared to the previous months.

Food products that reported the highest price rises (over 1%) are vegetables and sugar, with prices going down most for eggs, meat and canned meat.

Non-food products that gre more expensive are tobacco and cigarettes (+1.2%), other non-food goods, and chemical products, while prices decreased for fuel (-1.2%), pharmaceuticals (-0.6%) and sports and cultural products (-0.2%).

Services prices reported a 0.4% growth based mainly on higher water, sewage, cleaning and car services tariffs.

The inflation target set by the National Bank in 2007 stands at 4% +/-1% with a forecast inflation of 4.7%.