The Romanian Government is due to meet in a special session on Monday to most probably discuss PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s plans to postpone the European Parliament elections in Romania. President Traian Basescu is expected to attend the session despite a clash of words with the prime minister over the weekend, when Tariceanu said Basescu’s presence at the talks was not needed.

Tariceanu announced on Friday that he planned to postpone the EP elections possibly until autumn as Romania was now going to a lot of political troubles that might redirect the attention of voters from such an important poll.

In reply, President Basescu announced he would attend the Monday session convoked by the PM. That prompted Tariceanu to respond by saying in an open letter that Basescu’s presence at the meeting was not constitutionally justified.

The head of state retorted by saying in a Presidency release that the prime minister was not the one to prevent the President from exercising his duties, because Tariceanu did not have “the legal right or the moral qualification” to do so.