About three thousand employees from Ardeal-based plants planned protests in the Central Romanian city of Brasov on Monday to resist restructuring plans and clear uncertainties about the fate of their jobs. Meanwhile, negotiations were organized to prevent a strike at the Bucharest subway network while another labor conflict was prevented at the Dacia car maker.

The workers from Tractorul Brasov, the restructuring of which was announced last week, Rulmentul and Nitramonia Fagaras took to the streets of Brasov and were expected to end their march with a demonstration before the headquarters of the local prefecture. The protest comes as the Tractorul board of shareholders decided on Friday to close the factory and lay of f all its workers.

According to Tractorul trade union leader Gheorghe Apostu, the plan diferred substantially from that previously announced by the Bucharest-based Authority for State Assets Recovery.

Meanwhile, trade unions at Metrorex, which operates the Bucharest subway network, were to meet the Transport ministerfor negotiations aimed at preventing a general strike. The workers claim a salary boost of 40%, while managers of the company have offered 13% higher wages so far.

Unless a solution is found on Monday, workers will stop work completely between 5.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, trade union representatives at the Automobile Dacia car maker managed to reach an agreement with company representatives on Monday to increase salaries by 20.19% in two rounds - one amounting to 150 RON starting January 1, and a second amounting to 20 RON on July 1 this year.