The Judicial Committee of the Romanian House of Deputies approved change to the Referendum Law on Monday in a different version than first proposed by the opposition Social Democrats-PSD.

The new draft says that in case a President is elected in a second round of elections the number of necessary votes for his dismissal through referendum should be half plus un of the total number of votes obtained in the electoral process.

The proposal was first submitted by the PSD as a preliminary procedure for a plan to determine the suspension of Romania’s President through the constitutional means of a referendum. The PSD has been pushing for the suspension of President Basescu after a huge political scandal that had him face Liberal PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu in a public conflict.

PSD’s initial proposal was that the president be dismissed if half plus one of the total number of votes the head of state receives in an electoral process approve of the dismissal.

But the suggestion was change to only consider votes received in a second round of voting due to constitutional provisions.