The European Union's statistical office Eurostat has published the first comparison data on the economies of the 27 member states, including newcomers Romania and Bulgaria, according to BBC. Compared to the most important economies in Europe, Romania is far from reaching a high performance, although it received the "functional market economy" title in 2004, the Eurostat document shows.

In absolute values, the gross national product (GNP) per capita in Romania was 3,657 euros, compared to the 23,402 euros average in the European Union two years ago.

Romanian economy would represent 0.7 - 0.8% of the European states' added GNPs (99 billion euros in 2005, out of 10,847 billions in EU's total).

GNP per capita / EU average

Romania - 34% of the EU average

Latvia - 47% of the EU average

Poland - 50% of the EU average

Denmark - 124% of the EU average

Ireland - 137% of the EU average

Luxembourg - 248% of the EU average