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Romania - third world country for UKIP

Joi, 21 decembrie 2006, 0:00

The most ferocious UK politician, openly opposing Romania's and Bulgaria's EU accession, is the subject of a feature story made by BBC in Bucharest.
Overwhelmingly well-intended Nigel Farage, leader of the UK's Independent Party, visited the poorest meat market in the poorest area in Bucharest, telling young gypsy females that he's waiting for them in London.

"Any idea that they are obeying the 90,000 rules we have to follow is absolute nonsense. It matters for Britain because there isn't a level playing field. On 1 January we are entering a political union with Romania... and surely we haven't got that much in common, have we?", says Farage, as quoted by the BBC reporter.

Gypsy emigration is another issue of the article, along with Christmas trees sales in the market and aesthetics of the traditional clothing of ancient carols singers.

Take a glimpse at how modern, educated Europeans will see Romania in the future EU at: And, oh, sorry if it sounded as generalizing… Journalists don't do that, do they?

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