European parliamentarians approved on Tuesday afternoon the nomination of Ovidiu Ispir to represent Romania at the European Court of Auditors. Many analysts have predicted Ispir’s nomination might fail in the EP vote as the European Popular Party MPs said they would not support him politically or morally because of the financial scandals he’s been involved in.

Supported by Dan Drosu Saguna, the head of Romania’s Court of Accounts, Ispir already passed a vote in the budget control commission of the European Parliament. But that success may not repeat today as the EPP, the largest group in the Parliament, has said he not only failed to prove his competence for the new job, but was also involved in scandals back home.

The most recent one occurred this summer when Ispir as a counsellor for the Romanian Court of Accounts was accused of improperly coordinating checks at Eximbank when the financial company was headed by the wife of Cristian Diaconescu, spokesperson for the main opposition party in Romania, the Social Democrats.