The British government accepted the idea that the restrictions imposed to Romanian and Bulgarian workers are too rough and take into account the possibility to ease the conditions after 12 months.

After an year, Romanian and Bulgarian workers with low qualifications will be able to get jobs in food processing, but with a 20,000 persons limit per year, The Independent informs.

An increasing number of politicians challenge the governmental decision to shut the labor market for Romanians and Bulgarians, while the authorities refuse to make an official estimation on the amount of immigrants from the two countries.

Immigration Minister Liam Byrne was presented last week in the Parliament with a letter from Richard Thomas, the former UK ambassador to Bulgaria, who accused Byrne of a “hateful behavior” in treating Romania’s and Bulgaria’s citizens as second-rank Europeans. Thomas said he’s so ashamed he won’t be able to show his face again in Bulgaria.

Wayne David, representing the Labor Party, said the letter is an accuse against the governmental policies and considers that the current attitude may bring “irreparable damages” in the relationship between UK and the two countries.