While Brussels expects the final report on the supposed CIA secret flights from the European Parliament’s Commission, the international press is already filled with rumors. The list of flights is available at www.ghostplane.net

Reuters quotes German social-democrat Wolfgang Kreissl-Doerfler, who says that there are more suspicions about Poland than about Romania. Both countries denied charges, still Italian EP Claudio Fava, running the investigation, says there is evidence that a special prison existed in Poland.

"The New York Times", also quoting Fava, wrote on Wednesday that the European countries knew about the CIA flights and helped hosting the prisoners.

The report is supposed to unveil the fact that 11 European states, including UK, Italy and Germany were aware of CIA’s actions.

The same newspaper published the story of a lawyer kidnapped by accident while spending the holidays in Macedonia, transported to Afghanistan and tortured.

American officials say it’s just a “hysterical report” .