48% of Romanian women do not use any contraceptive method, according to a study published by the a specialized organization on Tuesday. The study, based on answers from over 1,000 Romanian women aged 15-49m shows more than half of respondents said they would not practice safe sex because “they do not need it”, while 23% said they wanted to bear a child.

“The argument of ‘I don’t need it’, beyond the stated intention of planning to have a child, shows us that women in Romania do not have enough information about conception and contraception. They do not understand the benefits of planning and so they’re neglecting the subject. The high number of abortions confirm this”, says psychologist Aurora Liiceanu.

The best known methods of contraception, mentioned spontaneously by 80% of the respondents, are condoms and contraceptive pills.

But women say they’d rather use natural methods because these would not lead to side effects and be “easy to use”.