Bucharest teams Dinamo and Rapid eached managed a draw against their UEFA Cup rivals on Thursday evening. Dinamo scored once and eventually received a goal on rival turf against FC Bruges, a score mirrored by Rapid with a 1-1 against Mlada Boleslav back home.

Bruges dominated Dinamo in the first half but could not prevent a min. 33 goal by Niculescu. The Romanian team then faced hard times as its goalkeeper was saved twice by the post. That did not happen, however, when the Swedish referee offered a penalty for Bruges that had Vermant score in min. 59.

The match ended in a draw and, helped by the Tottenham 0-1 victory against Leverkusen, Dinamo is among the top 16 in the Cup.

Fo its part, Bucharest’s Rapid was dominated in the first half by the fierce Czechs of Mlada Boleslav, who scored in min. 41 and failed on several other attempts. But the break was followed by a more vivid Rapid as they scored in min. 51 (Moldovan). In min. 73, Rapid’s Zicu scored for a second time, but the goal was annulled by Austrian referee Steffan Messner.