The Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament approved the latest report on Romania compiled by EP rapporteur for the country Pierre Moscovici with 51 votes in favour and one against on Thursday. The MEPs adopted several amendments on such issues as the situation of minorities, international adoptions and violence against women.

The most important amendment to the report is the one related to the Romanian Law on national minorities. The report will say the EP wants the approval of the law.

Romanian authorities are also “invited” to consider the expectations of the Hungarian minority according to cultural self-governance and subsidiarity principles, especially by providing adequate funds for improving education standards.

Regarding the Rroma minority, Romanian authorities are asked to strengthen reforms in the field of protection against institutional violence, to improve living conditions, access to the health system and labour market by providing adequate funds.

Also passed was an amendment pushed by former Romania rapporteur Emma Nicholson, recommending EU member countries to open their internal markets for Romanian workers after January 1, 2007.

The EP report also welcomes the considerable progress made by Romania since the May 2006 report and approves January 1, 2006 as the country’s EU accession date. But it reminds the Romanian authorities that they have to maintain the pace of reform after accession.

The report is to be voted by the European Parliament in its amended form on November 29.