The head of the Romanian Press Club-CRP, Cristian Tudor Popescu, announced his resignation from this position in an open letter sent to CRP members on Monday afternoon. The Club, formed in 1997 to represent the interests of the media, was no longer able to work in its current formula as it was both an organization of media employers and one of journalists, Popescu has told

Popescu blamed his decision on “late evolutions in the media industry, that have led to a change of balance - the employers became more powerful, while journalists have become tokens of exchange, moved by bulk from one newsroom to another”.

He also warned that an “unhealthy amount of money” is pumped in the Romanian media these days, which he suggested was a dangerous thing considering that most money come from various non-media moguls. He also warned that there was too much political pressure on the industry.

Cristian Tudor Popescu has been leading the CRP since 2003. He thus held the position in 2003-2004, when CRP was blamed for not taking stand against political pressure from the-then Social Democratic government.

His resignation comes as large groups of journalists from the Romanian newspapers owned by Swiss company Ringier moved to two newspapers recently acquired by energy mogul Dinu Patriciu.

Popescu, however did not take any stand during other, recent media acquisitions in Romania, including the expansion of media group Realitatea, owned by controversial businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vantu.