Romanian ex-PM Adrian Nastase was officially indicted for bribery, blackmail and abuse in office on Monday, the National Anti-Corruption Department-DNA has announced. His wife Dana Nastase, a former construction works inspector and a company manager were also sued in the same case, due to be judged at the High Court of Justice.

According to DNA prosecutors, Adrian Nastase has used his influence and authority as head of the government since 2001 to get involved in multiple acts of corruption. Nastase, who also used to serve as president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, now in opposition), is charged with illegal activities that helped him obtain ovr 1.37 million euro.

His wife Dana was also sued for complicity to bribery and improper participation to forgery under private signature, related to acts of corruption.

Investigators established that during the period of 2002-2004 Nastase received from inspector Paula Irina Jianu some 3,68 billion Romanian lei from the funds of a Bacau-based company, Vertcon SA, covering the value of goods procured from China and the necessary spending to bring them into Romania.

The Nastases are also charged with receiving 2.019 billion lei for works at a property in Cornu, a town in the mountains north of Bucharest.

Nastase is also charged with abusively using his influence as head of the governing party in 2004 to obtain the illegal funding of his electoral campaign with about 817,000 euro.