The Socialist Group in the European Parliament considers that the portfolio approved for the recently named Romanian Commissioner is a minor one, BBC informs, according to The opposition Social-Democrat Party (PSD) also demands the EU president, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, to revise the portfolio offered to Leonard Orban, currently in charge with Multilinguism issues.

A series of comments, launched with last week’s EU Observer editions, shown that the European Union’s enlargement makes the ministers’ portfolios less and less important, while the European Commission fails the opportunity to reform its structure.

The Socialist vice president, Austrian Hannes Swoboda, explained the sources of discontent related to Orban’s duties: “A large and important country as Romania received a mini-portfolio, politically speaking. We would like to see a change”, said Swoboda.

Socialists were also extremely critical when referring to Romania’s first designated commissioner, Liberal Varujan Vosganian.