The Romanians in Italy League sent a letter to the Italian Government asking the ministers to quit the attempt to impose new restrictions on the labor market after January 1st, 2007, the date of Romania’s accession to the EU.

The letter shows that the danger of a massive Romanian immigration doesn’t really exist and the new measures would only affect those already working in Italy.

“Those who wanted to emigrate already did it, given the free circulation right Romanian have since 2002”, the letter argues. Based on information and statistics within the community, The Romanian’s League estimates that one million Romanians are currently working in Italy, and that the number was constant for the past two years.

Still some 700,000 of the are working on the black market, because those who would hire them must face tough bureaucratic procedures (the discouraging (Bossi-Fini Law).

In case the restrictions are maintained after 2007, all 700,000 will continue to work on the black market.