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Bulgarian media has more freedom than Romania's

Marţi, 24 octombrie 2006, 0:00

Romania falls 58th worldwide in terms of press freedom, according to a study the Reporters without Borders organization published on on Tuesday. Romania is in line with Poland, Hong Kong and Fiji Islands, while its southern neighbor, Bulgaria, has upped to 35th place in line with France, Australia and Mali.

One of the most serious fall was recorded by the United States which dropped from 17 to 53. The organization explains that happened because of deteriorating relations between the Bush Administration and the media as politicians invoke national security to consider any journalist questioning the war on terror a suspect.

Additionally, the federal justice in the US does not recognize the privilege of the press to keep sources anonymous, according to the report.

13 EU member countries, Norway and Switzerland take the top 15 places in the Reporters without Borders study. Of the 25, Poland reports the least free media, due to a rising number of censorship cases.

North Korea, Turkmenistan and Eritrea have the least free press worldwide.

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