“Romania reached its goal for European accession in a reasonable way, but there are still 27 chapters in which the performance is mediocre and that need a better preparing in order to meet the European expectations”, said president Basescu after the EU report on Romania was presented.

“We must get used to living in an environment that demands performance. There were countries that thought they can offer their citizens anything and they now talk about austerity. Our lives won’t fundamentally change after January 1st”, said Basescu.

On his turn, prime minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu believes that the European Commission issued a fair and exigent report, making it clear that Romania’s accession is due to its own efforts and merits.

“Romanians have a reason to be proud as a nation. We join the European Union all the same as the other ten countries and without any safeguarding clauses”, says Tariceanu, obviously misinformed.