Citizens of Switzerland voted for more restrictive immigration and asylum laws. According to the partial results of the Sunday scrutiny, 72% of the voters voted for the suggested restrictive laws, France Presse informs.

The leaders of the Center Democratic Union, a right-wing formation that lobbied for the vote in favor of the new laws, said they were content with the result. Still, the result stirred discontent among the Protestant Churches’ Federation, The Swiss Bishops’ Conference and the Israelite Communities Federation.

The new laws will prevent the entrance of foreign workers from outside of Europe, without being previously recruited for a certain job. Along with this, those who ask for asylum must prove they have the requested professional grades and that no Swiss or European worker was found for that job.

The social aid was suppressed, being replaced by an “emergency aid”, worth some 600 euros, this being considered as the lowest necessary amount, according to human rights organizations.