The Romanian body studying the archives of the Communist political police made a series of decisions on Tuesday in the case of several politicians who allegedly collaborated with ex-dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s dreaded Securitate.

Cazimir Ionescu, a spokesman for the National Council for the Study of Securitate Archives-CNSAS, said the institution gave negative verdicts for six politicians whose allegedly ran political police activities under the former regime. But he said CNSAS found one politician to have in fact had collaborated with the Securitate.

Verdicts in three other cases of suspected politicians were postponed.

Ionescu did not name who was found to have been involved in such activities, but national TV station TVR quoted CNSAS sources who claimed it was Mona Musca, a respected Romanian MP and former Culture minister who’s been expelled from the governing National Liberal Party over revelations that she was a Securitate collaborator.

Musca has been insisting that she had signed papers to work for Ceausescu’s secret police, but said she did not operate as an informer, as speculated.