Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu has dismissed one of the best-known Foreign Ministry officials, Teodor Baconschi, who served as state secretary for Global Affairs within the institution, a government press release announced on Wednesday.

The document does not explain the reasons for the move, but Baconschi said the decision surprised him and may be caused by a wave of staff cuts in all ministries.

A former Ambassador to Vartican and Portugal, Baconschi is seen as one of the most valuable career diplomats of the Romanian Foreign Ministry. Among others, he is well known for his contribution to the visit Pope John Paul II paid to Romania earlier this decade.

Baconschi was not politically affiliated. His tasks, however, will be passed to Liberal ForMin official Valentin Naumescu, currently serving as state secretary for Public Diplomacy.

Baconschi told that most probably his career would continue with another mission abroad.