Romania’s accession to the EU will yield economic growth and better paid jobs, and emigration will no longer seem a first opportunity to take, Nikolaus vand der Pas, the director general of the DG Employment, Social Affairs, and Equal Opportunities of the European Commission, said on Friday during his visit to Romania.

Van der Pas showed appreciation for the progress recorded by Romania in the field of harmonization of the Acquis communautaire, of the social sector and employment policies, but reminded that there were still things to be carried out as far as the labour legislation, health and work safety, and the assurance of equal chances are concerned.

The immigration conditions imposed by some EU countries are perfectly legal as the Accession Treaties provision transitory measures up to seven years, van der Pas said referring to the UK, however, the countries that did not impose such condition had more to gain in the wake of the immigration.

The European official considers that Romania’s top priority is to enhance the capacity of administrative and legislative implementation, and says that the sectors he is responsible for will nor present any restrictions for Romania in the upcoming EC report to be issued on Sept, 26.