The Social Democrat (PSD) deputy Dan Ioan Popescu resigned from his party on Monday on grounds of dissatisfaction with the working environment within PSD which depleted the members’ number lately. D. I. Popescu, former leader of the PSD Bucharest, explained that his resignation was mainly due to the new management of the party.

The current and the former leaders, Mircea Geoana and Ion Iliescu, respectively, expressed regret for this party's loss. Popescu explained that his resignation was the expression of his own will and that he would remain with the Parliament as an independent deputy.

D. I. Popescu was the president of PSD Bucharest from 2001 until January 2006 when he interrupted his presidency as his properties were put under a levy and were examined by a commission within the Justice Court. Popescu was unable to justify a part of his wealth acquired during 2004-2006.