A young hope of Romanian cinematography, a fellow sound engineer and a taxi driver were killed on August 25 when the cab they were in was hit by a fast-driving Briton at a crossroads in downtown Bucharest.

Director Cristian Nemescu, 27, and sound engineer Andrei Toncu, 28, were in Bucharest in a break from filming on Nemescu’s firm long film, “California Dreaming”, starring Armand Assante.

Nemescu had received several international prizes for a series of short movies over the past several years, including the acclaimed “Marilena de la P7”, awarded in 2006 for the story of a kid who steals a bus in order to impress a prostitute he fell in love with.

British driver Ali Imran was arrested for 20 days and is charged with the killing of three people and injuring three others who were traveling with him. If found guilty, he risks a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.