Hallmark Channel opens its marketing department in Romania. Starting September 1, the advertising company ARBOmedia will promote the movie channel Hallmark in Romania and will function as the channel's marketing department in Romania.

ARBOmedia was appointed to ensure the Hallmark promotion following the winning of a bid organized for the Romanian advertising companies by Sparrowhawk International Channels Limited, the owner of non-US Hallmark production.

Hallmark is the international channel that has recorded the highest rating among the urban female audience of 25-55 years in Romania, between 1-26 July, both in prime time and during the day, according to the data provided by TNS-AGB International.

The success of ARBOmedia in winning the Hallmark bid draws on the marketing strategy adapted to the local market, Serban Ciusca - Managing Director ARBOmedia explains.

Hallmark Channel will broadcast ads in Romanian language and an improved program for the local public, according to Colin McLeod, commercial director.