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Romanian PM hospitalized after motorbike accident

Marţi, 25 iulie 2006, 0:00

source: Realitatea TV

Romanian prime minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu was hospitalized for a suspected broken leg shortly after he was involved in a motorbike accident near Bucharest late on Tuesday. A reputed biker, Tariceanu lost control over his motor and hit a car coming legally from the opposite direction on a road near Corbeanca, north of Bucharest.

Government spokeswoman Oana Marinescu later said the prime minister suffered a minor accident and that he was feeling well as a left foot bone break was not yet medically confirmed.

News station Realitatea TV raised the possibility that PM Tariceanu might have hit a car in a convoy that included Dan Voiculescu, the leader of the Conservative Party, a junior member of the governing coalition. The speculation was fueled by news that Voiculescu’s convoy hit a motorcycle in the same area and in the same period of time.

But a press release by the Conservative Party and broadcast by the Antena 3 news channel said Dan Voiculescu was not involved in any accident tonight.

The driver of the Ford Mondeo did not suffer body injuries.

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