The Serbian president Boris Tadic visited Bucharest on Tuesday and received his Romanian counterpart’s support regarding the current status quo of the Kosovo province. Romanian president Traian Basescu agrees Kososvo should not gain independence but also asks for the respect of rights for the Romanianan minority in the Timoc.

Traian Basescu also pointed out that the dialogue between Belgrad and Pristina must be kept and reaffirmed his belief of respecting the international law principles regarding the sovereignty of the state and of the minorities, referring both to Kososvo and Transnistria.

Tadic appreciated Romania’s stand regarding the topic, and maintained the need of a superior autonomy for the province regarding the collaboration with the financial institutions. Serbia opposes the creation of a Kosovo army and the province joining the UN.

President Basescu remains preoccupied with the situation of the Romanina minority in Serbia and reminded his counterpart that Serbia should recognize the Romanian Orthodox Church as long as Romania has already recognized the Serbian Orthodox Church. Many schools in northern Serbia do not have the possibility to study in Romanian, although the law permits.

The two heads of state discussed about the Romania’s intention to open a Consulate in Zajacer, the closure of a bilateral accord between the two countries regarding the visas for Romanians and Serbs that would facilitate the populations’ mobility among the two states.

The bilateral economic relations will improve with the gas pipe Arad - Mosorin, and oil pipe Constanta - Pancevo - Trieste, while Serbia is prepared to increase the investments in the Constanta port and the Corridor VII on the Danube.