Romania’s top prosecutor Ilie Botos resigned on Friday in the case of businessman Omar Hayssam, placed on terrorism charges, but who has gone missing for two weeks, the Romanian Presidency announced today.

Botos is the fourth top official in the country to submit his resignation to President Traian Basescu, after similar moves by the heads of the Romanian Intelligence Service - SRI, the Foreign Intelligence Service - SIE and the intelligence department of the Interior Ministry yesterday.

The resignation came shortly after Interior minister Vasile Blaga said Omar Hayssam, who’s been investigated on terrorism charges related to the abduction of three Romanian journalist in Iraq a year ago, might have left the country. Blaga also criticized Romanian prosecutors for the way they dealt with Hayssam’s parole.

Ilie Botos, named prosecutor-general in 2003, was known to be a crony of the former Social-Democratic Party (PSD) government, just like the three heads of the intelligence services who resigned yesterday. But just like them he was kept in office after Traian Basescu, of the Democratic Party, led a coalition of Democrats and Liberals to power in late 2004.