Romanian president Traian Basescu admitted that the phenomenon of piracy is very much present in Romania manifesting in almost all economic fields, and the inefficacity of fighting it comes from the lack of efficient cooperation among authorities. The declaration was presented in the Eastern Europe-Central Asia Regional Congress organized in Bucharest in order to combat piracy and counterfeiting.

The counterfeit medicines were of greater concern to Basescu who blamed the poverty and the state itself for the proliferation of this phenomenon for not taking action against it and endangering the nation’s health condition.

The lack of measures against this phenomenon discourages the research investments and affects the interests of the business community, the population, and the states’ national security as the fake passports make the illegal human and arms trafficking flourish.

Romania fights the counterfeiting and piracy along some international NGOs: -World Organization for Intellectual Propriety, World Customs Organization, and the Interpol Police.