The salaries in Hungary and in the Czech Republic will increase up to the average wages in the developed European states in 10-15 years, according to a study by the Vienna Institute quoted by Focus News press agency. As far as Romania and Bulgaria are concerned the Austrian researchers avoided to provide a forecast.

The average wage in Austria tops 2,500 Euros/month while in Romania it reaches 260 Euros, in Bulgaria 160, and in Hungary and the Czech Republic it exceeds 600 Euros.

The economists foresee that the gaps between the EU older states and the new ones or the soon to become ones will be significantly narrowed in 20 years, despite the more rapid economic growth rhythms.

The Austrian economists also foresee an exodus of 150,000 Romanian and Bulgarian citizens towards the EU older member states. In order to prevent a very numerous immigrants flow, Austria will open the labor market in 2014.