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Football mogul's victim dies in hospital

Luni, 10 iulie 2006, 0:00

A man who was shot and seriously wounded by the head of a Romanian football association last month died after two weeks in hospital on Saturday night. Alexandru Radulescu will now be charged with first degree murder for shooting Constantin Radulescu in the head.

The aggressor, who heads the Association of Amateur and Non-amateur Football Players (AFAN) was under the influence when he shot Constantin last month. The victim was having a bath in a lake that Alexandru Radulescu claimed to own, charging Constantin with trespassing.

Doctors announced last week that the victim was suffering of septicemia and meningitis and that he only survived thanks to medical machines.

Alexandru Radulescu was arrested preventively on July 1 after the Bucharest Tribunal found enough evidence that he shot his victim intentionally and thus posed a public hazard.

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