The Romanian National Council against Discrimination (CNCD) received a complained last weekend about a new computer game called “Romanians in space” in which players have to exterminate groups of Hungarian insurgents.

Created by 2baddesign, the game depicts a world where Romanians have been dominating the planet for a century, starting with1988 when ex-dictator Nicolae Ceausescu starts his offensive on the US and continuing with “Emperor Traian Basescu” - the current president of Romania - who promises to take over the entire galaxy.

The complained submitted to the CNCD refers to a mission in the game, that has the player exterminate a group of Hungarian insurgents who oppose Romanians’ expansion policy.

CNCD head Astalos Csaba, an ethnic Hungarian, said the Council will discuss the issue on Monday and if the game proved to encourage racial hate the Council would press for its commercial ban.