The Bucharest Tribunal issued a 29 days-arrest mandate for the head of the Romanian Amateur and Non-amateur Football Association Alexandru Radulescu, for intentionally shooting a young man in the nearby of his lake. The defence lawyer will make an appeal next week.

Radulescu shot a 29 years-old man last Sunday while the victim spent a quiet afternoon with his family next to a lake rented by Radulescu.

The football mogul was drunk and shot the young man with a hunting gun when the latter was preparing to leave Radulescu’s property.

Before Fridays’ hearings, Radulescu stated that he wanted the young man’s life be saved, and that he had no interest in what was going to happen to himself as long as the victim survives the accident. Radulescu’s lawyer also said that his client would pay the price of a surgery if needed to be carried out abroad.

The young man is still at the Emergency Hospital in Bucharest fighting between life and death. A surgery might be scheduled for Friday, after his condition worsened two days ago.

Peter Eckstein Kovacs, lawyer and chairman of the Judicial Commission in the Senate, stated for that Radulescu should have not been investigated at large as he proved to be a public menace when shooting a man with a gun he had no permission for and while being drunk. He also excluded the possibility of invoking self defence as this was not the case.