The Thursday newspapers focus on the spontaneous resignation of former Justice minister and PSD spokesperson in the Party of Social Democrats. The PSD motion against the government Tariceanu is under the scrutiny of the press, but so is the PM Tariceanu’s speech and all the feedback it generated.

Gandul explains what might have been the main cause for the resignation from the Social Democratic Party and from the spokesperson post of Cristian Diaconescu, former Justice minister until 2004.

The discord with the PSD comes as the party has allegedly supported the Liberal Party’s plans to install a certain person at the helm of the Court of Accounts, by passing an ordinance through the Parliament.

Gandul sheds light on who that person who would have become the head of the Court of Accounts is - an employee of the CA, who has evaluated Diaconescu’s wife’s activity while she was running the Eximbank., and who has found some shortcomings in the bank’s doings.

Adevarul says that Diaconescu might come to better feelings after talks with the party’s leader Mircea Geoana who convinced him to stay.

The daily also elaborates on the financial wrongdoings of Mariana Diaconescu, wife of Cristian Diaconescu and former president of Eximbank within 2003-2005, who is charged with abuse in office by the National Anticorruption Department (DNA).

Gandul also followed the trace of the emergency ordinance on the organization of the Court of Accounts, and found out that it had been rejected after only two from its submission, by the Constitutional Court, on grounds of non-constitutionality. The Liberals accused the Constitutional Court of collaborating with the PSD.

Romania Libera focuses on the PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s speech in the Parliament yesterday as a reply to the opposition Social Democratic party’s motion.

The PM tried to prove wrong the ones that accuse him of being too soft, and in a furious discourse he attacked and complained of everyone, from the president Basescu and Conservative leader Dan Voiculescu to his fellow liberals that act against him.

Jurnalul National and Evenimentul Zilei also write on the PSD motion in Parliament, called Tariceanu government - fact and lies, that failed with 235 votes against and 145 in favor. The debates were very juicy as the politicians could not help criticizing themselves.