A leading member of the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) announced his resignation from all positions within the party in an intervention in a radio show on Wednesday morning. Cristian Diaconescu, who was Justice minister in the 2000-04 PSD government, said he challenged the possible naming what he calls a „controversial” character as head of the Romanian Court of Accounts.

The character is Ovidiu Ispir who, as a Court of Accounts inspector, has operated checks at Exim Bank, where Mariana Diaconescu, wife of Cristian Diaconescu, is working. Preliminary data resulting from the checks shows the Exim Bank management including Mariana Diaconescu has produced a prejudice of 5,216,000 euro by providing compensations to exporters through shady contracts.

Diaconescu was seen as one of the few PSD top politicians whose image is still untainted by scandals.