A Romanian was retained by intelligence workers near the town of Buzias in Western Romania under suspicion that he was preparing a terrorist act on Monday night. The Appeal Court Timisoara issued an arrest warrant on his name for 29 days.

According to prosecutors quoted in the Romanian media today, the man, originating from the city of Lugoj in the region of Timis, was arrested as he was going to Timisoara, where he planned to blow up a car in the crowded city center with a mobile-operated remote control.

Ioan Les, 28, told investigators that his planned attack was aimed at determining authorities to withdraw Romanian troops from Iraq.

He was arrested under terrorism charges and grilled by prosecutors throughout the night. He was transferred to the Appeals Court in Timisoara on Monday night as prosecutors requested a preventive arrest warant on his name.

Investigators quoted in the media say he had turned to Islam and used to promote ideas supporting terrorism. And they linked him to a terrorist network in Bosnia.

The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) has placed Les under supervision for several months after he allegedly sent threats to local and foreign institutions and televisions, including CNN and Al-Jazeera, via the Internet.