The deputy general manager of ING Bank Romania Misu Negritoiu will take over the seat of general manager on August 1 this year, replacing Dirk Serbuyns whose term in office expires, an ING press release says. Negritoiu will also head the Country Committee of ING Romania.

Dirk Serbruyns started his term in September 2003. He will become programme manager within the corporate services management at ING Amsterdam.

Negritoiu’s current seat will be taken over by Belgian Albert Roggemans, 57, who previously ran the retail service distribution network at ING Belgium.

ING will focus its business activities in Romania in three directions. Negritoiu will be in charge with banking services for companies, while Roggemans will manage the banking services for natural persons. ING Life Insurance will remain in the hands of general manager Bram boon.

ING also opened ING Lease on the Romanian market earlier this year.

Bank data show ING grew to become fourth among Romanian financial companies in terms of assets, boosting its market share to 6.3% in the first quarter of 2006.