Romanian businessman Ovidiu Tender will continue his time behind bars following the Bucharest Tribunal’s postponement of the release request as the Prosecutors’ Office could not send his file to the court.

The decision repeats as at the previous meeting none of the prosecutor or the file reached the Court.

The Romanian business man Ovidiu Tender was again put behind bars again, following an Appeal Court’s ruling that had annulled the Bucharest Tribunal’s decision to be investigated at large, issued on June 8.

The annulment entailed the entering into force of an arrest mandate issued on May 31 for 30 days. Tender’s lawyers attacked the Court’s decision as “illegal” for it followed a release sentence.

The Romanian businessman Ovidiu Tender and fellow businessman Marian Iancu is investigated for the creation of an organized crime group, complicity to fraud and other abuse charges amounting to a prejudice of 2700 billion ROL.