The controversial Romanian businessman Ovidiu Tender is to be finally charged at large, according to a final Thursday decision by Bucharest Tribunal following the numerous appeals and challenges by the defense lawyers.

A Bucharest court ordered on Monday the release of Ovidiu Tender, who was arrested in a large-scale organized crime case earlier this year. According to the Bucharest Tribunal, the arrest had been illegal as it breached lawful procedures.

But representatives of the High Court Prosecutor’s Office announced Monday night they had challenged the decision to release Tender and that he would stay behind bars until the conclusion of the cae.

One week before, the Appeals Court in Bucharest has decided to extend the arrest warrant on Tender’s name for 30 days.

The businessman is investigated along another person, Marian Iancu, in the RAFO-CAROM case in which they’re charged with the creating and belonging to an organized crime group, complicity to embezzlement and other charges.